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'Voice' Contestant Wows Judges With Her Powerful Take On Pink's 'What About Us'

Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys fought hard to have her on their teams.

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When Pink released the song "What About Us" back in August, it became an instant hit. It was the first single off of her seventh album Beautiful Trauma â€” her first in five years. The emotional ballad reminded us all what an extremely talented singer Pink is and how powerful her voice can be. 


Last night on The Voice, 21-year-old Jackie Foster decide to channel Pink as she proved to the judges that she, too, is an incredible singer. She covered the hit song during her blind audition, showing judges that she has a huge range, accurate tone, and an all-around beautiful voice. 

Check out her stunning performance in the video below:

Both Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys turned their chairs around — and proceeded to fight for Foster to join their teams. 

"I'd go with who believes in me the most and turned around first," Clarkson told Foster. "You wailed. Your range is insane. Just so much depth to your voice, and that's what I've been waiting to turn my chair around for people. Somebody that shows me the versatility in their voice, where I can throw any song at them and they'll be like, 'I got it.' I want someone that confident and I'm just so glad you're on my team."

Keys wasn't going to let it end there. "First, super, super beautiful," she said to Foster. "Your voice had so much texture and there was an intimacy that was really genuine. Then, as it got bigger and it grew, it was also very powerful. Your tone is really accurate."

Fans were definitely also impressed with Foster's take on the song. 

In the end, Foster ultimately did decide to join Clarkson's team. We can't wait to hear more from her. 


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