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Jennifer Hudson Made This Talented Young 'Voice' Contestant's Dream Come True

"I've dreamed to sing with you."

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We can already tell that The Voice 2018 is going to be a good season, based on 13-year-old singer Kennedy Holmes' amazing blind audition in the first episode. Holmes' performance was so impressive, she turned all four coaches' chairs and earned a dream-making moment from Jennifer Hudson.

Less than a minute into Holmes' performance of Adele's "Turning Tables," all four coaches had pushed their buttons for a chance to have her on their team this season. The young singer showed off a talent and stage presence beyond her years. When the coaches learned her age, they couldn't contain their shock.


"I think you are the best vocalist that has auditioned this year," Blake Shelton told her, adding, "I want you to pick me as your coach so you can teach me how to sing like that."

As soon as Hudson started talking to Holmes, the young singer began crying, and explained that she sang "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls in one of her first performances. "I've dreamed to sing with you," she told Hudson, who immediately rose from her seat and declared, "I'm ready."

Hudson took the stage with a microphone and joined Holmes in a duet of the song, which she performed in her Oscar-winning role in the movie musical. After that, it's no surprise that Holmes chose Hudson as her coach.

Check out Holmes' audition and duet with Hudson below:


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