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A Relationship Ends In The Premiere Of The Rua's 'Without You' Music Video. Here's Why They're Having A Party.

"There is a new, exciting future ahead of you!"


The Windsor, England-based trio of siblings known as The Rua have just premiered the music video for their song "Without You" exclusively on A Plus. While the tune is about a breakup, Alanna, Roseanna, and Jonathan say there's a reason to celebrate.

"We wrote it just before we were going to record the album in Brussels," the band says. "It's really about the realization of not needing particular relationships, which can get in the way of life and big decisions. There is a new, exciting future ahead of you!"

Indeed, the clip is a good example of that, showcasing everything the band "experiences" surrounding writing and recording the song. 

"The director, Declan Whitebloom, took the idea of a relationship ending, writing the song, recording and promoting it, and brought it to life in this amazing, heightened reality. We are these bright, colorful characters in a cardboard world," they told A Plus. 

"We love the video, as it was different and a challenge compared to anything we have done before. It is a one-shot video, so we had the one camera following us the entire time, between the different sets," they add. "We had a double-time, sped-up section (where we danced around like crazy), which shows up in slow motion. We also had a 14-second costume change!"

Though things move fast in The Rua's video, the band has been performing together for five years.

"... As sisters and brother, we have been playing music together all our lives. Our parents thought it was a good idea to start a band, so we did," they tell A Plus. "We are so happy they suggested it because we love working, writing, and playing music together."

Defining their sound as "eclectic," the songwriters and musicians say they've been told they "sound like a mix of The Cranberries, Taylor Swift (before her 1989 album), and Fleetwood Mac — inspirations of which can all be found on their recent release, Essence. The album includes contributions from Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison (who also co-wrote one of the tracks), Clive Deamer (who's drummed with Portishead, Radiohead, and Robert Plant), guitarist Dani Robinson, and Mikey Rowe, a keyboard-synthesizer master whose played with Oasis, Stevie Nicks, and Mick Jagger. 

"We are so proud of our album Essence and all the songs on it," The Rua says. "We also had some fantastic people working on it with us musically."

Check out Essence on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. And visit to learn more about the group.


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