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This Dad's Sweet Tribute To His Daughter Turned All Four Coaches' Chairs On 'The Voice'

"I've never heard a performance like that."

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On Tuesday night's episode of The Voice, contestant Terrence Cunningham proved you don't have to be flashy to turn all four coaches' chairs during a blind audition. The talented singer chose to sing a mellow version of The Temptations' "My Girl" while playing the keyboard.

His unique take on the classic was so captivating, it prompted all four coaches to turn their chairs around after only the first few lines. "I think we're all a little bit speechless right now," Blake Shelton said when the performance was finished. "I've never heard a performance like that at any level of The Voice."


When Alicia Keys asked Cunningham why he chose the song, he said he was inspired by his daughter. "That's why I can make it so personal," he said. Kelly Clarkson wondered why he isn't already on the radio, to which the singer explained, "What was most priority to me was to get my daughter through high school. So I put my career on hold to be the father that she needed."

That earned applause from the audience and respect from the coaches, who proceeded to make their case for why Cunningham should join their team. "Thank you for just bringing this beautiful honesty and gorgeous artistry," Keys said.

Find out who Cunningham chose as his coach in the video below:


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