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Taylor Swift Just Released An Edgy New Music Video, And No, We Were Not Ready For It

The futuristic clip has fans theorizing.

Taylor Swift dropped a new music video for her song "... Ready For It?" on Thursday night, and even though the singer teased the futuristic clip on social media earlier this week, we can say for certain that we were not ready for what we saw.

The video features Swift in a sci-fi world in which she plays two characters — one wears a dark cloak and a menacing smirk, while the other is a cyborg trapped in a glass case. The cloaked figure seems to be in control for much of the clip until the cyborg turns the tables.


Fans have already started theorizing about the deeper meaning behind the video, which features the second single off Swift's forthcoming album Reputation. Much like the video for "Look What You Made Me Do," in which Swift declared that the old Taylor is "dead," many Swifties seem to think it's a response to media perceptions of the singer, and a way to take charge of her own "narrative."

As the Washington Post points out, both Swift herself, and the video's director Joseph Kahn, possibly gave validity to some fan theories by liking and retweeting them on Tumblr and Twitter. One Tumblr user suggested the video is meant to "remind everyone that she's not a robot ... She's only human."

Meanwhile, People pointed out the many Easter eggs which seem to be hidden throughout the video — from words written in Chinese to references to Swift's previous music and videos. The white horse which briefly appears, for example, seems to be a reference to her song of the same name.

We can't wait to see how everything fits together when Swift's new album Reputation debuts November 10. 

Check out the music video for "... Ready For It?" below:

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