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Taylor Swift's New Music Video For 'Look What You Made Me Do' Is One Giant Wink

See if you can spot the references.

The old Taylor Swift may be dead, but she comes back to life — in just abut every iteration — in the new music video for Swift's latest single "Look What You Made Me Do." 

Swift premiered the video during Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, after teasing it last Friday on social media. We'd say it definitely lived up to the hype, if only for the fact that Swift plays herself at various moments throughout her career.


She starts the video as a zombie, crawling out of a grave whose headstone reads, "Here lies TAYLOR SWIFT'S REPUTATION." In fact, the entire video is a winky reference to that very "reputation," which happens to be the title of her new album, out November 10. 

Throughout the video, Swift nods to various depictions of herself popularized by the media and public, from the snake nickname given to her by some detractors to critiques about her so-called "girl squad." She also recreates iconic looks and moments from her time in the spotlight. 

In fact, the video's final scene involves various Swifts interacting with each other. When one pulls a classic "surprised face," the others call her out. "There she goes, playing the victim again," another one says.

Swift is really having the last laugh, as the video racked up millions of views overnight, after the song's lyric video broke a YouTube record last week. The single itself also happens to be shattering streaming records, and according to Us Weekly, it could soon have the biggest sales week since Adele's "Hello."

Watch the full "Look What You Made Me Do" video below:

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