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This Mash-Up Of Shawn Mendes And One Direction Songs Is The Best Of Both Worlds

We're jammin' out.

When you just don't know who you'd like to listen to, a mash-up is a perfect go-to. Luckily for us, Kurt Hugo Schneider just released another one on his YouTube channel featuring tunes from some of our favorite artists: Shawn Mendes and One Direction.

For this particular cover, Schneider enlisted Sam Tsui and Alexander Stewart for the lead vocals, as well as a guitarist. The performance begins with Tsui singing lyrics from One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" before Stewart seamlessly joins in with Mendes' "Life of the Party." 


The two continue by mashing up songs such as "Stitches," "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back," "Live While We're Young," "Drag Me Down," and "Story Of My Life."

This isn't the first time that Schneider's collaborated with Stewart and Tsui: about three months ago, he and Stewart performed Justin Bieber's "Friends," and earlier this year, he teamed up with Tsui for an epic fusion of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran tracks.

So for all you Shawn Mendes and One Direction fans out there, be sure to check out the full video below:

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