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These Two Singers Combine James Arthur And Adele's Songs, And The Result Is Beautiful

It's like these two songs were meant for each other.

You've probably heard James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go," as well as Adele's "Someone Like You," a time or two. But have you ever heard them together?

In a recent video from Sam Tsui, the singer teams up with Vidya Vox to mash up the two tracks into one beautiful cover. Set outside beneath the trees, Tsui begins with the first few lines of Arthur's hit before Vox joins in with Adele lyrics. 

"The mashup is so, so beautiful! Both voices sound so great together!" one viewer comments on the video.

"'Say You Won't Let Go' is my favorite song right now and you just made it 10x better," another adds. 

And there's plenty more Tsui-mash-ups where this came from. Back in April, Tsui joined Kurt Hugo Schneider and Madilyn Bailey for an epic mashup featuring 20 of our favorite television show theme songs. And in 2015, he and Casey Breves combined Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" with Sam Smith's "Not the Only One." 

You can check out Tsui's most recent performance below:


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