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This Talented Pizza Delivery Guy Stole Heidi Klum's Heart With His Frank Sinatra Cover

"How you doin'?"

It's been a great season so far for singers on America's Got Talent

In last night's episode, Sal Valentinetti, a 20-year-old pizza delivery guy from Long Island, became yet another contender for the top spot when he performed an amazing cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" during his audition.

Sal explained that he became interested in crooners like Sinatra and Dean Martin from his grandmother. "She ended up passing away, and the music was all I had to remember her by," he said.

Sal performed to roaring applause from the audience and received a standing ovation from all four judges. "When you want to sing this kind of music," Simon Cowell told him, "you can't fake it. It's either in you or it's not, and you're an old soul."

Heidi Klum was especially charmed by Sal. The pair exchanged a few flirtatious remarks and even a hug. She told him, "I just love the way you talk." Without missing a beat, Sal replied, "I love the way you look tonight."

When it came time for Heidi to make her decision, she went all in, hitting the golden buzzer to send Sal straight to the live shows. "Today is the first day of the rest of my life!" he exclaimed.


Watch Sal's amazing performance below:


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