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Riley Clemmons Premieres 'Hold On' Music Video, And Reminds Us To Keep Reaching To Achieve Our Dreams

"I believe that there is always a reason to hold on."

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We all just need a little musical pick-me-up from time to time, and Riley Clemmons delivers exactly that. The 18-year-old singer's song "Hold On" is an anthem of encouragement reminding us that "the victory is worth all the struggle."


The Ezra Cohen-directed music video for "Hold On," which Clemmons debuts here on A Plus, shows the Nashville native grooving (and running) to the tune in a setting that is often colorful and neon but is also sometimes stormy. It's a simple setup, but it all works and conveys the message superbly.

"I think it's fascinating and beautiful that we often find our greatest strength in our weakest moments," Clemmons told A Plus. "'Hold On' is something that I tell myself when it seems impossible to find the light, and it's what I want every listener to remember on their hardest day. Everyone has something within them that's worth fighting for. Whatever you're walking through right now, no matter how impossible and challenging it seems, it's worth it to keep holding on."

Clemmons said that she was at a personal low in her own life when writing the song, and that "it took a lot of falling down and getting up again." It was this kind of perseverance that she said helped her become more comfortable with her own imperfections and vulnerabilities and she saw things through a new perspective.

"For me, perseverance is being able to hold on to that hope even when I feel like I have every reason not to: being able to dance through the fire," Clemmons added. It's overcoming anxiety, noise, and fear — the things that often keep you from achieving your dream — that is most important.

"I constantly have to remind myself that perfection isn't the goal. I find a lot of motivation rooted in the idea that I'm a work in progress, and that's OK. In the hard moments, I try to pause and ask myself why I wanted to chase this dream in the first place," Clemmons concluded. "I believe that there's light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that there is always a reason to hold on."

Check out Riley Clemmons in the music video for “Hold On” here:

Riley Clemmons will release her eponymous debut full-length album on August 3. She can be followed via social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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