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Pentatonix Has A New Album And They Chose The ‘Perfect’ Song To Cover To Mark The Occasion

"I was more excited for this album than my own graduation."

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As if Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" wasn't already perfect enough, we now have Pentatonix's acapella cover to add to our playlists. 

On Friday, Pentatonix uploaded a cover of "Perfect" to their YouTube channel, complete with a music video. In it, member Kevin Olusola also plays the cello, but, per usual, the band's voices are the instruments that shine. 

"It's one of those ballads you hear and you're just like, 'This is a perfectly written song.' It has beautiful melodies and chords and that always goes well with a PTX arrangement. It was really a no-brainer," Pentatonix's Scott Hoying tells Billboard with regards to covering "Perfect."

The song is part of their PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. 1 album, which features songs such as "Havana," "Attention," "Issues," and "Feel It Still," among others.

Since sharing the cover and the album, fans have taken to Twitter to share their praise.

"I was more excited for this album than my own graduation," one person tweets. 

You can check out their "Perfect" cover below:


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