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Paris Hilton's New Song 'I Need You' Is The Valentine's Day Gift You Never Knew You Needed

"I wanna be your forever Valentine."

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Prepare yourselves for something that'll leave you speechless — all except for two iconic words: that's hot. Just in time for Valentine's Day, heiress Paris Hilton dropped a new song titled "I Need You" for all the lovers out there.


"I wanna put the happy in your birthday / And I wanna be the merry in your Christmas," Hilton sings in a breathy voice — also mentioning Easter bunnies, New Year's Eve kisses, thanks for Thanksgiving, and (of course) forever Valentines. Hilton — who turns 37 on February 17 — plays Cupid in this love-filled tune co-written by Simon Wilcox and Mike Green.

Though the song — which has a definite doo-wop feel which transports you back to the 1950s — has been online for a few years now, Hilton has made it a single. It's been a full 12 years since the former Surreal Life star dropped Paris, her debut and thus far only album, which gave us "Stars Are Blind." Hopefully this means more new music is on the way.

Perhaps "I Need You" is being released now because Hilton has found love with Chris Zylka. That fact makes the chorus all that more romantic: "Every hour of the day (every hour of the day) / Every day of the week (every day of the week) / I need you (I need you) / Every week of the year (every week of the year) / Every year of my life (every year of my life)."

So, sit back and let Hilton's lyrical stylings wash over you.

(H/T: Billboard)


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