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Different Filmmakers Answer 'What Does It Mean To Be Human?' In This Stunning And Emotional Music Video


Oh Wonder's Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West believe that as humans, we are all equal.

"And we can build that equality by sharing what love, knowledge and magic we have, with others," the duo writes in a caption for their music video, "All We Do." 

That said, Oh Wonder decided to ask filmmakers and artists from all over the world what they think it means to be human, compiling their responses into a video that's stunning for both its words and its visuals. 

"The result was a collaboration we could never have dreamed of," the bandmates write. 

The video, nearly eight minutes long, cuts to everything from mountainous landscapes to fast-paced cities, into the private homes of the participants, atop a quiet rooftop, and inside an artist's studio. Through all this, people give their unique and enlightening responses to the opening question. 

Among the many responses, one man says:


"Once everybody starts looking at one another as a brother, a sister, a human being, beauty will spread like wildfire."

For more, be sure to watch the full video below:


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