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This Singer's Touching Message To Her Younger Brother Encourages Him To Follow His Dreams

Molly Kate Kestner’s “Footprints” premieres exclusively on A Plus.

There are so many words you could use to describe the relationship between siblings, and one singer is exploring this bond in an ultra-personal song. "Footprints," a new song by Molly Kate Kestner, is a special letter encouraging her only younger brother, Nathan, to follow his dreams now that she is achieving her own.


"I'm from a big family, so I have an older sister and four older brothers — and my relationship with each of them is unique," the 21-year-old songwriter told A Plus. "But I think because Nathan is my only younger sibling, I've always felt very protective of him. We would fight growing up like most siblings do, but the older we've gotten the closer we've become. He loves music so much and I think watching me pursue my dreams has really encouraged him to do the same."

These dreams Kestner is pursuing first began back when she was a high schooler in 2014 and, with a song titled "His Daughter," which went viral online and garnered celebrity attention. Now, Kestner writes and sings tunes that are near and dear to her heart — and even works with big names, such as original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, on their music, too.

"It's never been easy for me to talk about personal things. But writing songs has really helped me. It's this cool creative outlet for me to tap into topics and experiences that I maybe wouldn't have discussed otherwise. I think it's extremely important for all of us to find ways to process our lives and the stories that surround us. And I think all good music does that."

With "Footprints," Kestner heads back to her hometown of Austin, Minn. — where she hasn't been much since graduating high school — to film its music video with Nathan. Kestner said it was "so surreal" to be back there and "really cool" to film at the meaningful places from her childhood. She admits to having "definitely teared up" when watching the video for the first time — just as it was a "really special moment" upon first listen of the song with Nathan.

"Everyone was so sweet," Kestner added about filming the sentimental video, which also features home movies and family photos in the small town where she grew up. "I feel like my whole hometown is rooting me on through this crazy journey and that means more than they know."

As for what's next for Kestner — besides having written two songs on Clarkson's new album Meaning of Life — is delivering more music she is proud of and supporting music she personally loves, much like others did with her song "His Daughter" a few years ago.

"I've got so much good music I wish I could just release right now," Kestner said. "But I'm still trying to figure out the best plan of attack. Timing plays such a big role in the success of an album, so I want to make sure I'm smart about that. But, trust me, good things are coming!"

Check out Molly Kate Kestner's music video for "Footprints" here:

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