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This Cover Of 'Greatest Showman' Song Pays Tribute To Activists In Light Of Women's March

"These women have their own story."

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It has been a year since the first Women's March on Washington and across the globe, helping to elevate women's voices, but it continues for Michael Korte through the power of music.

The YouTuber released a music video for a cover of "This Is Me," a song featured in The Greatest Showmana new musical film inspired by the formation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

But Korte's music video has doesn't focus on circus acts. Instead, it highlights women's rights and the amount of power they're capable of having.


"As a creator I was moved by the brave women in my life, sharing stories through #MeToo and Time's Up, and all my friends and family that marched last year," Korte said in an email to A Plus. "This is a tribute to them."

Vocalists Maharasyi, Jada Banks Mace, Peaces, Marissa Barbalato, and Kesha Shantrell take part in this video performance by marching through the streets. According to Korte, none of the women had second thoughts before agreeing to appear in the video.

Watch these women show off their vocal skills below:


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