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Meghan Trainor's Video For 'No' Has Us Saying 'Yes, Yes, Yes!'

It's just the throwback we needed today.


Meghan Trainor, the recent Best New Artist Grammy winner who blessed us with the catchy "All About That Bass" and "Lips Are Movin'" in 2014, is back with her latest song and video, titled "No."

Set to be among the track listing for the singer's second album — which, reportedly, is called Thank You, and is set for a May 13 release, according to Ultimate Music — "No" finds Trainor giving us just the throwback we didn't know we needed until we heard what's sure to be her next hit.

The tune seems to pay homage to some of the most noteworthy tunes from pop music's late '90s/early '00s golden age, when Britney Spears, N'Sync, Destiny's Child, and the Backstreet Boys' R&B and hip-hop-flavored pop hybrids ruled the charts — and the acts themselves ruled teens' fashion choices and got them moving on the dance floor.

Yes, folks, Meghan is getting her groove on in the new clip, with song lyrics about some jerk at the club who keeps pestering her with pick-up lines. And she's donning some inspired duds from the turn of the century to make us feel like we're young again.

But we're all about those moves when it comes to "No," because there's a little bit of sass here ...

... before things get all kinds of complex afterward:

Yeah, this is making that urge to get up and dance rise. We could totally hear this as part of a mixtape with stuff like Britney's "I'm a Slave 4 U," N'Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me," Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills," and BSB's "As Long As You Love Me."

We're also loving director-choreographer Fatima Robinson's moves — and she's the perfect choice, having previously worked with Trainor on "Lips Are Movin,'" and with many of the stars who churned out some of the above songs.

While Trainor's ballads with partner Charlie Puth and John Legend were fun, we can't stop tapping our toes to this song's beat, and maybe, just maybe, can't get the words out of our heads. They're welcome to stay, of course, and we're going to put this clip on repeat at least a couple more times (and check out the "sexy" portion involving fishnet stockings). You know, for the sake of learning the moves, natch. 

You can check out the video above.

(H/T: PopCrush)


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