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Eurovision Star Manel Navarro Fights Bullying Through Music In This Uplifting New Video

"Listen and pass it on!"

Bullying is no match for the power of music in Manel Navarro's new music video for "Keep on Falling." The Spanish singer, who represented his country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, seamlessly blends smooth vocals and acoustic guitar with a powerful social message.

"But I keep on falling / To the edge of the darkness / All I need is a spark / That shows me the way," Navarro sings on the track. "'Cause all the pain that I've been through / Can be totally faded / All I need is to lay down / My hands onto your heart."


The video extends the song's theme of finding light in the darkness to depict victims of bullying. It intercuts clips of Navarro performing the song on his guitar with shots of several sad-looking people with words written across their faces — "weak," "stupid," "loser," "coward." 

Things start to change when one young woman finds a small music box in her room, along with a note that reads, "Listen and pass along!" As she listens, the words disappear from her face, and she starts smiling. She does as the note says and passes it on. The video later flashes back to Navarro creating the box and writing the note.

It's a fitting narrative, in that spreading positivity through music is exactly what Navarro is seeking to do with his video.The singer shared an uplifting message about overcoming bullying on his Instagram account last week.

"For those of you that think 'I can't get up from this': I think we've all been through something like that," Navarro wrote, according to WIWIBLOGGS' translation. "But you get up. We all do. It's not the person who doesn't fall that's greatest, but he who stands and tries again. This is my little message of overcoming and anti-bullying. May you help me to share it with the world and spread the love."

As WIWIBLOGGS points out, Navarro faced some bullying of his own when he was declared Spain's candidate for this year's Eurovision, an annual international song competition. Some audience members reportedly booed when the 21-year-old was chosen. Despite controversy, he went on to perform the upbeat Spanish-and-English song "Do It for Your Lover" during the contest.

Watch the video for "Keep on Falling" below:

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