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These Two Guys Mashed Up A Bunch Of Beyoncé Songs And We're Completely Floored

So, so, so perfect.

YouTube sensations Kurt Hugo Schneider and Leroy Sanchez have impressed us before; now, they're at it again — together.

Earlier this year, Schneider released a cover of Sia's "Cheap Thrills" backed by the sounds of a bicycle and Sanchez performed an acoustic rendition of Beyonce's "1+1," both of which received millions of views YouTube alone.

Now, the two talents have teamed up for one epic Beyoncé mash-up featuring both guitar and piano instrumentals. The mash-up includes all of our favorites: "Halo," "If I Were A Boy," "Irreplaceable," "Pretty Hurts," and even Destiny Child's "Survivor."

"It was so much fun singing in this video," Sanchez commented on YouTube. "Today I'm thankful for this opportunity, my friends/family and Beyoncé!"

Seriously, could it be any more perfect? Jam out to the full video below: 



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