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This Singer's Acoustic Cover Of Nick Jonas' 'Close' Takes It To New Emotional Heights

An intense interpretation that touches your soul.


Singer-songwriter Leah Nobel just released an acoustic cover of Nick Jonas and Tove Lo's hit song, "Close," and we couldn't help but take notice.

The Phoenix native and current Nashville, Tenn., resident totally changed the smooth R&B jam about passionate longing and desire into an immediately emotional love song. Nobel's vocals are almost haunting as she sings the lyrics with an intensity that conveys a connection as crucial as it is imperative.

"I was in a [writing session] last week and one of the producers was watching the live version on 'SNL,' " Nobel told A Plus. "Tove Lo and Nick Jonas have this chemical connection, and that drew me in, plus the song is infectious — a true sign of a good pop song. I thought … maybe I could put a simple spin on it and turn it into a folk song."

That spin carries throughout the 4:25-long cover, though Nobel describes one quality of her delivery that might make it feel as though less time has passed.

"Many people have told me that my voice is 'therapeutic' — and that, I think, is the ultimate compliment," she says. "Sonically, I like to think of my records of a blend between folk and pop. I feel like all genres are blending these days, so it's sort of hard to articulate. But folk-pop is close enough," she adds, describing her sound.

At the risk of sounding "cheesy," Nobel says that she "didn't choose music, music chose me," and that she's loved singing since an early age. After taking guitar lessons as a teenager and then writing songs in college, she's moved on to sign a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music, and writing songs for TV and movies. 

"I'm also working on a very special personal project. I can't divulge too much at the moment, but in a general sense, it's a record that's about what it feels like to be human. It has become a very sacred piece of work for me — I cannot wait to share it," she says.

Her pursuit of her dream, Nobel says, "I want people to know the real me — including my flaws and insecurities," and her cover of "Close" demonstrates her willingness to present herself in that light.

"If I could say anything it's that so many parts of the music business scare me — and there are many moments where I thought I was going to give up. I fight self-doubt on a daily basis, but have found that you just have to relax and let the current take you where it's supposed to. I feel like this applies to life in general."

You can learn more about Leah and hear more of her music by visiting, by checking out her YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, and visiting her store on iTunes.


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