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Over A Club-Ready Beat, Laverne Cox’s New Anthem Pays Homage To The LGBTQ Community

To "the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, [and] the nightclub scene."

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We already knew Laverne Cox could sing — thanks to a dazzling turn as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Fox's live production of Rocky Horror Picture Show — but this is next level. The Orange is the New Black star just dropped her first song, with an incredible music video to match, and she is making us dance nonstop.


The 45-year-old transgender activist debuted the project, titled "Beat for the Gods," on, and called it a "celebration of queer culture and LGBTQ club culture," as well as an homage to "the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, [and] the nightclub scene."

How "Beat for the Gods" came to fruition is quite funny, as it started as a joke between Cox and her makeup artist one day. Before she knew it, Cox was writing the song in the studio with her recording artist friend. When the song was finished, Cox wondered if they should do a video — and they did.

One thing that makes "Beat for the Gods" special is that Cox had full control over it from beginning to finish. She came up with the characters (with ones inspired by Marie Antoinette and Grace Jones), and never once was her vision compromised because nobody else was in charge. Plus, this gave Cox a chance to be in the "driver's seat creatively." And the ride isn't over yet.

"I'm thinking of doing a 'Beat for the Gods' challenge, where people can submit their own videos dancing to the song and being creative," Cox revealed. "I just want people to just live, and have a Kiki, and take it as that."

While we may love "Beat for the Gods," Cox notes that she doesn't want to be a pop star and that an album isn't in her future. Though people have been asking her to do music for a long time, she had decided to focus on acting — and is happy with that.

Watch "Beat For The Gods" here:


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