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Lady Gaga's New Music Video For 'Perfect Illusion' Will Get Your Heart Racing

She dances it out in the desert.

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga released her highly anticipated new single "Perfect Illusion." The track, in which Gaga realizes a romance wasn't what she thought it was, had us dancing from the first note. Now it's Gaga's turn to bust a move, as she just released a high-energy music video for the song.

Gaga starts the clip swinging her microphone against a blue sky. There are no meat dresses or armadillo heels in sight. Instead, Gaga rocks a basic black T-shirt and denim cut-offs, kicking up desert sand with her sturdy boots. Things get a little flashier later in the video when she changes into silver shorts, but it's still a far cry from the avant-garde looks we're used to. After three years without a new solo album, it makes sense that she would be evolving.

She certainly seems to have saved up a lot of energy over those years, as this video is a non-stop dance party from beginning to end, whether Gaga is by herself or rocking out in a crowd.


The desert seems to be a popular setting for music videos these days. Earlier this week, Fifth Harmony released a video for "That's My Girl" that gave us some serious Mad Max flashbacks. 

Lady Gaga's new album Joanne is scheduled to drop October 21. The title is a tribute to her aunt, who died of lupus at 19 years old.

Check out the "Perfect Illusion" video below:


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