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Kesha Hits All The Right Notes With Her New Song From The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Movie

"For me, these words are about promoting love and equality ..."

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Some might view capturing Ruth Bader Ginsburg's impact in a song to be an impossible task, but Kesha has done just that with "Here Comes the Change."


The tune was written especially for the RBG biopic On the Basis of Sex, out Christmas Day 2018, and starring Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer. The film follows the story of Ginsburg and her struggles for equal rights and everything she overcame to become a U.S. Supreme Court justice. This is different from the documentary released earlier this year, aptly titled RBG.

In a piece for Refinery29, Kesha said her musical idol Bob Dylan — who wrote "The Times They Are a-Changin'" in the '60s — helped inspire this modern-day anthem, one she doesn't exactly view as political.

"For me, these words are about promoting love and equality, the belief that everyone should have the same opportunity to live a safe and healthy life full of love and hope regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation or gender or religion," Kesha noted.

In "Here Comes the Change," Kesha sings how it's hard "to be the lightning in the dark" and "to be the right inside the wrong" but paid tribute to those who — despite whatever obstacles were in their path — strove to make a difference in the world. 

"If we don't participate, if we don't make our voices heard, things will only get worse," the "Praying" singer added. "In order to create the lasting change we want, we have to stay involved and above all, we have to vote."

That idea was hammered home by the end of the lyric video when footage featuring HeadCount, a nonprofit, which encourages people — no matter their political leanings — to register to vote. It even advertises that the 2018 midterm elections are on November 6 with the song leaving off on a hopeful note by Kesha singing "it's time to change," "we are the change," and (of course) "here comes the change."

Watch the lyric video for “Here Comes the Change” here:

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