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Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifah, And Jimmy Fallon Sing Together With Help From An iPad

The power of technology.

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On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon invited Kelly Clarkson and Queen Latifah to perform with him on The Tonight Show. But if you know anything about Fallon, you know that this wasn't your average talk-show performance. The trio put together an entertaining cover of a doo-wop classic using an iPad app called Loopy.

As Fallon explained, "We record ourselves harmonizing, and then we loop it, so we can sing with each other, so it's like we make a group." (An even bigger group than just three, that is.) Latifah joked that she's always wanted something like that, because "it was really hard on those cassette tapes."


Fallon controlled the app as he and his guests took turns performing harmonies for the background vocals. The host then layered them together and launched into "Earth Angel," the 1954 song by The Penguins. Latifah and Clarkson joined in, and obviously Clarkson's performance earned applause from the audience, because what performance of hers doesn't?

Much like when Fallon and Ariana Grande performed her hit "No Tears Left to Cry" using Nintendo Labo instruments, this segment showed the creative power of technology to make some pretty cool music. Of course, it also doesn't hurt when you're as talented as these three are.

Check out their performance in the video below:


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