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Katy Perry Channels Marie Antoinette And Joan Of Arc In Colorful 'Hey Hey Hey' Music Video

Historical ladies, unite!

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History buffs, prepare to have your minds blown. Katy Perry's latest music video, for the Witness offering "Hey Hey Hey," sees the pop superstar colorfully and fashionably embody two women from those textbooks you probably didn't read: Marie Antoinette and Joan of Arc.


"After a year of peaks and valleys (remember, it's all a journey), I wanted to end 2017 with a fun, triumphant piece of pop candy," the "Chained to the Rhythm" singer wrote on Instagram about the ultra-glamorous music video. "Just think of it as a glam little stocking stuffer from me to you. 'Hey Hey Hey' is one of my favorite songs from Witness and for me, it embodies the fighting spirit I always want you to be able to find within yourself, and to see in me."

In the Isaac Rentz-directed music video, Perry embodies both of these historical ladies but puts a unique twist on their "girl power" connection. Without getting into spoilers — because that's just no fun — the connection is that they even interact at all. Scholars of European history will note that, in real life, these two figures were separated by more than 300 years. But in Perry's world, anything's possible.

As Antoinette, the "Swish Swish" singer looks like she stepped right out of Sofia Coppola's 2006 drama titled after the former French queen. For playing Joan of Arc, Perry wears a rainbow-fringe dress underneath a suit of armor with a giant eye on it and, at one point, battles another character in a video game-like scene that looks right out of 2010's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

We already knew Perry was a master when it came to costumes, but this is absolutely next level.

Check out Katy Perry's "Hey Hey Hey" music video here:


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