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Justin Timberlake 'Supplies' Us With A Post-Apocalyptic Thrill Ride In His Latest Video

Watch "Supplies" here.

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It's a post-apocalyptic future in Justin Timberlake's latest music video but there's no need to worry about him. Why? Because he has "Supplies." This single — the second off his new album, Man of the Woods — certainly packs a major punch in just four short minutes, perhaps giving us more of an idea of what to expect from Timberlake's upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show gig.


The Dave Meyers-directed clip opens with Timberlake sitting in front of a wall of TVs, bombarded by images of Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter, and President Donald Trump. From here, the former NSYNC singer is transported to a dystopian future, alongside Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez Reyna and Pharrell Williams as co-stars.

While Pharrell — who co-wrote and co-produced the song along with the "Filthy" singer and fellow Neptunes member Chad Hugo — only pops up for a visually striking scene with a flashlight-wielding mob, Reyna is along for nearly the entire ride. At one point, Reyna destroys an Illuminati-like pyramid and also takes her rightful seat in a throne-like object, proving she is in charge. Timberlake and Reyna even have a romantic interlude halfway through the clip.

After the effects-heavy adventure, the televisions from the beginning of the video begin to explode, and we see Timberlake emerge in a sand-covered world alongside Reyna and a group of children. One kid, a young girl, steps away from the rest and speaks directly to the camera, breaking the fourth wall to tell viewers to "wake up" or "die already" before it all fades to black.

This music video is obviously trying to make a point about the current political and social landscape we're living in and whether or not it achieves that is up to you.

Check out the "Supplies" music video here:


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