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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Share A Sweet Dance In 'Man Of The Woods' Music Video

"I brag about you to anyone outside ..."

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Justin Timberlake might be the titular man of the woods in the song — and album — of the same name, but the focus of it all is actually someone else: wife Jessica Biel. During the music video, which lasts for four-ish minutes, Timberlake gushes about Biel and the two share a lovely dance.


The clip for "Man of the Woods," directed by Paul Hunter, shows a flannel-wearing Timberlake grooving through the wilderness. Aside from that — and the scenes with Biel — at one point we also see various woodsy versions of Timberlake harmonizing and clapping along with the song.

Around the 1:35 mark, we get our first glimpse of Biel in a mirror's reflection. Then, at about 2:18, Timberlake offers up a hand for Biel to grab and the two begin spinning around the dancefloor — lifts included — while the lyrics get more romantic. Finally, at the 3:41 timestamp, Timberlake and Biel join hands and walk off into a field together, busting a move once more.

With lyrics like "I brag about you to anyone outside / But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride," how could Timberlake's song be about anyone other than Biel? It's #CoupleGoals, that's for sure. We're sure Biel will be proudly watching on as Timberlake performs this tune — within a medley of other big hits — at this weekend's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Watch the “Man of the Woods” music video here:


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