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How Louis Tomlinson Brought This Talented Teen One Step Closer To Her Dream

Watch her incredible performance.

Another week, another amazing performance from a young singer on America's Got Talent.  

This time it was 14-year-old Jayna Brown, who was very excited to meet guest judge Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. "Hi," she said shyly from the stage.

Hands shaking, she admitted how nervous she was. But you would never know it from her performance.

Jayna, who revealed earlier this season that she and her mother lost their home, chose to sing "Rise Up" by Andra Day. She displayed powerful talent beyond her years, and the audience took notice, giving her a standing ovation.

Her performance also impressed Louis.

"It's not just one thing with you," he told her. "It's not just the voice, it's not just the performance. You have everything, and it's so infectious to watch your performance."

He paused, and everyone waited with bated breath to see if he would push the Golden Buzzer and send Jayna straight into the live shows. Obviously he did, and Jayna even got a hug to go with it.


After Jayna ran into the audience to hug her mom, Louis further praised her "gorgeous recording voice" and added, "You should be very excited."

How are the viewers ever going to choose from such a talented group of performers this season?

Check out Jayna's stunning performance below:


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