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'Voice' Star Hunter Plake Breathes New Life Into A Song You've Probably Heard A Million Times

He just keeps wowing us.

The Voice contestant Hunter Plake has been wowing viewers and breaking records in recent weeks, even drawing comparisons to Coldplay's Chris Martin. Hunter didn't choose a Coldplay song for this week's performance in the Top 12, but he did bring his own unique take to a track you've likely heard plenty of times: "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye.

The song, which also features Kimbra, dropped in 2011 and has inspired plenty of covers in the years since — including one in an episode of Glee and another from acapella group Pentatonix. But chances are you've never heard it quite like you will from Hunter, who performed the song surrounded by neon lights.

Although some viewers still seem to be waiting for a Coldplay performance (fingers crossed), the singer received plenty of positive feedback from fans online.

"THIS WAS PERFECTION!" one YouTube commenter wrote. "Loved the arrangement and how it worked out his voice but it fit his voice and style so well. I'd play this one at a party." Another encouraged fellow viewers, "Vote for Hunter. He brought new life to this song."

Thanks to him, you could say the original is just somebody that we used to know.


Check out Hunter's full performance in the video below:


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