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Hanson Gets A Few New Members In An Adorable Music Video Featuring Their Kids

Eleven of them, to be exact.

You know you're a long way from "MMMBop" when Hanson's latest music video stars their kids. It may be hard to believe, but 20 years have passed since the band's most iconic single was released, and the brothers are now 36, 34, and 31 years old.

They haven't stopped making music in the years since their long-haired debut. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have released six studio albums, and to mark their 25th anniversary, the band recently premiered a new single titled "I Was Born," with a very special music video to go with it, featuring 11 of the brothers' 12 collective children. Yes, that's right — we said 12. (The guys are the oldest of seven children themselves.)

"Featuring our own kids made sense because we knew they would share an honest performance," Zac told People. "We loved the fact that it added another dimension to the story of pursuing our dreams for the last 25 years."


If you're hoping to see a 14-member family band on tour, we're sorry to disappoint you. Although the kids do a great job lip-syncing, and a few of them fill in for their dads on guitar and drums, it's clear from the video that their interests cover a lot more than just music. 

"I could never be another chip off the block," the song's lyrics declare, before Hanson sings, "I was born to do something / No one's ever done, no one's ever done before."

The kids are shown playing sports, dancing ballet, painting, and even doing science experiments. Whatever they were each born to do, we have a feeling they'll be great at it.

Watch the adorable music video below:

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