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Haley & Michaels On Why Writing Their Song 'Me Too' Was So Important To Them

"It is a representation of unity."

Ten years before the viral #MeToo social media movement swept the nation in response to the tidal wave of high-profile sexual misconduct allegations, Tarana Burke founded the Me Too campaign for victims of sexual assault. Fast-forward to 2017, where we see actress-activist Alyssa Milano — along with hundreds of other influencers, both women and men — stand in solidarity and show support as they share personal #MeToo stories to spread hope to survivors of sexual violence.


At the core of the Me Too campaign and the echoed #MeToo movement, there is a moving message of hope to both women and men that they are not alone. People are sharing their experiences, expressing vulnerability, and coming together as a community. It's very inspiring.

As creatives, we strive to follow our passions and to have the confidence to speak up and pay attention to what's going on in our world. Thus, rather than watching this movement's growth from the sidelines, we felt impassioned and inspired to help spread this powerful message in the best way that we know how: through music.

Photo Credit: Jon-Paul Bruno

We wrote "Me Too" in honor of the women and men who have been victimized as well as to emphasize the message that they are not alone. "Me Too" is our message of empowerment and healing. It is a representation of unity. Because we've both been impacted in different ways, to us the #MeToo movement represents breaking the silence, standing up against injustice, and coming together. We understand and appreciate the strength behind every #MeToo story and we hope our music can help bring healing to others.

This song speaks to the social movement; we want to give others a voice and embrace this fierce community with open arms. In this time, in the world where there are countless boundaries dividing one another, we wanted to create an uplifting message to come together as a united force. We hope that our song "Me Too" inspires others just as we've been inspired by this powerful evolution.

Listen to "Me Too" by Haley & Michaels here:


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