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Hailee Steinfeld's Latest Music Video Shows You What 'Most Girls' Are Actually Like

Spoiler alert: They're all freakin' awesome.

Hailee Steinfeld's new music video begins innocently enough with a man and a woman presumably on a date. All seems to be going well until the man says "You're not like most girls," and the woman abruptly walks out. Cue the end of the date and the start of your newest girl power anthem that shows you what "Most Girls" are actually like.

While we loved hearing Steinfeld cover Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" or Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" recently, it's hard to not deny that she has enough talent with her own songs — and the fact that they can carry so much meaning is an added bonus.

"Most Girls" hits home the message that some women may feel more comfortable in tiny dresses or sweats, keep their body covered or wear tight jeans, and go out every night or stay in reading. But, at the root of it all, most girls are "smart and strong and beautiful," they "work hard, go far, we are unstoppable," and "no two are the same."

We see many looks on Steinfeld as the 20-year-old portrays a few types of women in the video — such as the athlete, the party animal, the book lover, and the artist. While they might have things that make them individual and unique, they're all awesome and have their own way of "just celebratin' life."

So, guys, the next time you want to try and tell a woman that she is like "most girls," just remember that you're actually paying her a compliment — just not in the way you'd think.


Check out the full music video for "Most Girls" here:


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