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Singers Glenn & Ronan Are Back With Another Emotional Medley — This Time, It's An Ed Sheeran Cover

Adele once invited the pair to perform live at her show.

Singers Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard have captivated audiences with their stunning voices, using their talents to cover some of the biggest names in music. 

Their Adele medley created such a buzz that in 2016, Adele herself invited the pair to perform live at her show in Dublin. 

"Oh come on, you can't put it online and me be in Dublin and not think I'm gonna tell you to come up," Adele said before welcoming them to the stage. "I swear to God they did not know that I was going to do this."

Now, Murphy and Scolard have released another medley to their YouTube channel, this time, they cover six songs from Ed Sheeran's latest album, Divide.

In this cover, the singers begin with Sheeran's "Happier," add in "Supermarket Flowers," and continue to "Castle on the Hill," among other songs. 

"My heart has melted into a giant puddle," one viewer comments on the video

It's raw, it's emotional, and it's a performance you'll watch over and over again. Check it out in full below:



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