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This 'Voice' Singer's Fierce Cover Of Kesha's 'Praying' Led To A Last-Minute Showdown

"It's a big song."

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One Voice contestant's powerful blind audition had the coaches holding out until the last second on Tuesday night's show. Genesis Diaz, a 19-year-old from Miami, delivered a fierce performance of Kesha's "Praying," which coach Kelly Clarkson, listening from her seat, rightly called "a big song."

Although Diaz hit the high notes and brought strong emotion to the song, the coaches kept their seats turned for most of the performance. As the audition concluded, however, both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton pushed their buttons with almost no time to spare, leading to a last-minute fight to have Diaz on their teams.


As Entertainment Weekly notes, Diaz is a first-generation American whose bandmate parents moved from Cuba to pursue music, so talent apparently runs in the family. As one YouTube commenter shared, "Her dad's face was so sweet and worried I was wishing someone turned just to make him happy."

Shelton noted that he only had one spot left on his team, and shared his desire for her to be his final contestant. Levine, meanwhile, told her he already had ideas for "ways in which you can thrive on this show," praising her for not being "cranked up to eleven the whole time."

Find out who Diaz chose as her coach in the video below:


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