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This Gay Country Singer Is Living His Truth And Wants His Song To Inspire Others To Do So

"In a world where you can be just about anything, be yourself."

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Upon coming out a few years back, gay country singer Chase Sansing set out to create music that would be true to who he is at heart and help kids who struggled with being themselves. With a brand-new song and music video for "Begins With You," he did just that.


The 24-year-old said he wrote "Begins With You" after coming out himself and set out to travel to Pride festivals — from those in Nashville, Chicago, and others — to film fellow LGBTQ folks from around the country. It was during what Sansing calls "the BEST experience ever" that he said he "met so many people who inspired me to keep moving forward with my music."

The song is full of motivational lyrics, from the opening line "In a world where you can be just about anything, be yourself," to the chorus "I hope you take a chance to make a change, 'cause change begins with you." The video, which took about two years to make, is the result of Sansing being a gay man in the country music world — two things he never thought could co-exist.

"This song is basically my new start to being the singer I've always wanted to be because country music is about singing the truth, and if I'm not singing the truth and what I'm truly feeling then I'm not singing country music," he said, adding that he hopes "Begins With You" will help children struggling with being themselves.

Elsewhere in the music video, the Mississippi native — who hits an impressive high note around the 3:33 mark — is joined by a few furry friends: a giraffe from Nashville Zoo named Congo, who plays with him, and his loyal bandana-wearing pup named Cody.

Watch the music video for “Begins With You” by Chase Sansing here:


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