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Faith Hill And Tim McGraw's New Duet Is All About Treating Women With Respect

"That's how you talk to a woman / That's how you speak to a girl."

Married country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are releasing their first album together later this year, and the debut single sends a powerful message.

The newly released duet, titled "Speak to a Girl," gives advice to listeners about how to treat the women in their lives, from their mothers to their lovers. "She don't give a damn 'bout your Benjamin Franklins / She wants Aretha," Hill sings to open the track, bringing to mind Aretha Franklin's famous hit "Respect."

The song, written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson, and Joe Spargur, also makes sure to emphasize that women don't have to be put on pedestals to be respected. "She don't need to hear she's a queen on a throne / That she's more than amazing / She just wants you to say what you mean / And to mean everything that you're saying," sings McGraw in the second verse.


"'Cause that's how you talk to a woman," they sing in the chorus. "That's how you speak to a girl."

The song's lesson is a relevant one, both for Women's History Month and in light of current events such as the recent Women's March, as women demand respect from the current administration and society. The couple clearly feels the track has something important to say.

"As a dad, 'Speak to a Girl' really impacted me," McGraw wrote on Instagram when the song premiered. "You want to set your girls out to have a high bar to what they expect and how they expect to be treated." Hill added that the song is about "how we communicate as human beings."

Hill and McGraw will reportedly perform "Speak to a Girl" at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 2. After that, they start their Soul2Soul World Tour April 7 in New Orleans.

Give the full song a listen below:

(H/T: Billboard)

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