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This Singer's Music Video Reminds Us That You'll Never Reach Your Goal If You Don't 'Try'

"We are not just the person we display to the world, we are multidimensional. And even the biggest stars are still human.”

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Erin Willett admittedly feels like a badass when singing her new song, but she is quick to remind us that everyone, even artists like her, face life's challenges just the same. It's just whether or not you're willing to "Try" and overcome them that counts.


The former The Biggest Loser contestant and The Voice hopeful said she wrote "Try" over a year ago at a time when she was rediscovering life after having lost more than 80 pounds — a goal she had previously deemed "unimaginable." After trying something new and different, she found that life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. This led to Willett moving from the mindset of dwelling in the fear of not doing something right the first time to trying things she had never done before. No more wishing for things to happen to her.

"We can get so deterred from reaching our goals, because the journey doesn't look like the idea we had in our heads," Willett told A Plus. "This would frustrate me in the past, but my change of perspective has helped me let go of perfection and be open to the process."

This was put to the test when it came time to film the "Try" music video, a day Willett said she felt like a "mess" and in a "shit mood." She called the director, Mike Petrow, who told her take a bit to get herself together and, as she puts it, show up to the shoot feeling "like a million bucks" when she was "at about $2." It was the chance to take a moment and get her head in the right space — after a spin class and some retail therapy — that helped her show up and knock it out of the park, without ignoring that there was still work to do on herself.

"The video taps more into the concept that we all have so many different sides to ourselves," Willett added. "We have parts of us that we are proud of and confident in and parts of us that we are scared to show the world. I believe we all have a character we play in life, but weaving in our true selves is the goal. As easy as it is to inspire someone else out of a dark place, it can be tough to get ourselves out of that space. I wanted the video to just be me in my happiness and sadness, in my fear and in my confidence. We are not just the person we display to the world, we are multidimensional. And even the biggest stars are still human."

Willett certainly has a favorite part of the song (it's the second verse, just FYI) and said she loves living vulnerably and singing music with a message that is both personal and so universal. It's this dynamic, the one between the artist and the listener, that Willett finds so powerful in her music career.

"I hope listeners can relate. I hope they see themselves in me and hear part of their journey too. I love genuinely connecting with people and creating inspiration through my own analysis and thought process. Life is hard, and we constantly make it harder for ourselves and get in our way," Willett said. "I hope we all live in the moment a little more, because it leads us to places we never thought were possible."

Check out Erin Willett's music video for "Try," here:

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