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Dolly Parton’s Anti-Bullying Song May Be For Kids, But There Are A Few Lessons In It For Grown-Ups, Too

"If you can't be big, don't belittle someone else — that's not the thing to do."

Dolly Parton — a true queen of country music — is using her voice and platform to impart some words of wisdom to younger fans on how to be a better person. She is doing this with a children's album, a first for the 71-year-old legend titled I Believe in You, and we're getting our first taste what to expect from it.


There will be a total of 14 songs on I Believe in You — all written and recorded by Parton herself — and, at a press conference revealing the project, the nine-time Grammy winner sang to kids in attendance. They were lucky enough to hear the album's title track, "I Believe in You," and two other songs, one called "Brave Little Soldier" and the other called "Makin' Fun Ain't Funny."

In particular, "Makin' Fun Ain't Funny" has a great lesson for the "Jolene" singer's younger fans thanks to an anti-bullying theme. For instance, one part of the song says: "Don't do this / Makin' someone else feel small to make yourself look big / If you can't be big / Don't belittle someone else / That's not the thing to do." The song is entertaining and sends a great message.

Check out her full performance of “Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny” here:

"It just seemed like it was the time [to make this record]. Since I'm getting so old, I'm going back into my second childhood," Parton said, according to Rolling Stone. "These kids, I hope they'll be fans, because a lot of them, their parents liked me, and they became their grandparents and introduced me to them. I think kids can kind of relate to me, like a Mother Goose character."

Proceeds from the album's sales will benefit Parton's Imagination Library. This worldwide program boasts that it sends 1,000,000 free books to children every month and, since its start in 1995, has donated 100,000,000 books to those in need who want to have access to books.

I Believe in You will be out digitally on September 29 and physically on October 13.

(H/T: One Country)

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