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Relive The Year In Pop Music With DJ Earworm's Electrifying 2016 Mash-Up

25 hits in one addictive new song.

It may be hard to believe, but December is here, and with it comes plenty of reflection on the year that was. One of our favorite ways look back at the past twelve months is with DJ Earworm's annual music mash-up, "United State of Pop." This year's creation, titled "Into Pieces," combines the 25 most popular hits of 2016 into one new song — the ultimate collaboration.

We may not be able to hear a duet between Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake just yet (and we don't think we'd ever stop dancing if we did), but this mash-up gives us the next best thing by mashing up Mars' latest hit "24K Magic" with Timberlake's song of the summer "Can't Stop the Feeling" — along with several more favorites from artists such as Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Sia, as well as three tracks from Twenty One Pilots.


And it isn't just the music that gets mashed up. There's also plenty to look at, with clips from the artists' respective music videos edited together to fit the sound. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hitting play again as soon as the video ends.

Thanks, DJ Earworm. You never let us down.

Check out the full mash-up in the video below:

(H/T: Idolator)


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