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Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey Wows 'America's Got Talent' With Another Stunning Original Song

"You will make a difference."

We've been waiting to hear more from America's Got Talent contestant Mandy Harvey since judge Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer and sent her straight to the live shows. This week, the talented singer — who happens to be deaf — wowed the judges in the quarterfinals with another original song.

Harvey revealed in her audition for the show that she lost her hearing at age 18 due to a connective tissue disorder. According to Entertainment Tonight, Harvey shared before her latest performance that it was her parents who encouraged her to get back into music. 

"I was told for such a long time that you had to have hearing to enjoy music," she said. "But I've found that music was meant to be felt. Feeling everything move — feeling the song through the floor, feeling my voice."


The theater was hushed as Harvey performed the beautiful "Mara's Song" on her ukulele. (She reportedly wrote it for her friend's wedding.) The gorgeous performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges, who had nothing but praise for the singer. 

"All I'm gonna say is you are and you will make a difference," Cowell told her, according to ET. "That was stunning."

Heidi Klum admired the simplicity of Harvey's performance. "There was no backing track, there was no production around it," she said. "It was just you, your beautiful voice, your ukulele, and it was very powerful." Mel B, meanwhile, called her "a miracle worker."

Watch Harvey's stunning performance below:

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