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We Can't Stop Listening To This Groovy Justin Bieber Cover Complete With An Insane Rap Verse

Play it again and again.

Singer Craig David, who you may remember from the catchy '00s tune "What's Your Flava," just sang in BBC Radio's Live Lounge and absolutely nailed it.

David covered Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself," a song with an incredible music video featuring two talented dancers that have raked in more than 153 million views to date. He transformed Bieber's simple, slow song into a groovy, upbeat tune with a rap verse that is sure to impress any Belieber.

BBC reports that shortly after David's cover was released, #craigdavidisback became a trending topic. On YouTube, the video has nearly 1 million views.

"His vocals were backed by acoustic guitar and drums in a performance being compared to his U.K. garage glory days," the publication explains.

Take a listen for yourself below:



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