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The Question Two Musicians Asked Couples Was Simple, But Their Responses Will Melt Your Heart

One pair was inspired to ask a follow-up.

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In their new music video for "When You Love Someone," singers Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck called together real people and their loved ones and asked them one question: "Why do you love this person?"

With that, each of the participants wrote down the reasons why they loved the other person and the results were recorded on camera. One couple, for example, wrote the messages: "He makes me feel like I can do anything," and "I fell in love with her mind and soul. She makes me a better person." There are people that write messages to their fathers, too. 


And near the end of the video, one woman even uses the video shoot as an opportunity to propose to her partner. 

"In the six years that we have been writing music and filming videos together, this is hands down one of the most meaningful projects we have ever been part of, and we hope the video and song connect with you as well," Colin and Caroline write in a post on Facebook along with sharing their music video. 

Colin and Caroline tell A Plus in an email that as they went into filming, they hadn't yet met the participants. But once there, they were able to create something beautiful. 

"We were able to personally connect with them, share the same goals, and create something together that was more powerful than we had imagined. They showed up to the studio that day exactly as they were, with the ones they truly loved. Everyone added something to make the whole meaning behind our song come to life," they say. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the song and video, the artists point to how love has the power to unite us all. 

"There is so much happening in our world that separates us from one another," they explain. "The inspiration behind 'When You Love Someone' is that love is universal, and among all of our countless differences, it's one thing that keeps us connected, and one thing we all share in common."

Beyond that, they hope the song and video encourage people to put more love into the world. Because the more they do that, the more they get back. 

"It's contagious."

Finally, Colin and Caroline explain why they believe music has the power to spread such positivity: 

"Music is something that speaks to people on a deeper level than language alone. It tends to pull directly on emotions, spark memories and feelings, and, when paired with the right message, it can become another powerful and positive way to bring people together regardless of their differences. We've found this to be true throughout our career, using music to connect with people from all walks of life."

Check out Colin and Caroline's video for "When You Love Someone" below:


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