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Coldplay Celebrates The Immigrant Spirit In An Uplifting New Lyric Video For 'Miracles'

"My father said never give up, son."

Coldplay recently debuted a lyric video for their song "Miracles (Someone Special)," featuring Big Sean. The four-minute clip, directed by Ben Mor, is a beautiful celebration of the immigrant spirit, which matches perfectly with the song's message of perseverance.

The video showcases images of immigrants throughout history, hailing from various countries and cultures, as seen framed on walls or in the pages of photo albums. The images come to life as the song's uplifting lyrics appear on the screen. The Statue of Liberty appears as a symbolic motif throughout the video.


"My father said never give up, son," the band's frontman Chris Martin sings at the start of the song, before naming historical icons such as Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. Later, the song names other inspiring figures such as Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart.

"Now you could run and just say they're right / No, I'll never be no one in my whole life," Martin sings. "Or you could turn and say no wait, they're wrong / And get to keep on dancing all life long."

The song and video, from Coldplay's new EP Kaleidoscope, sends an important message at a time when many immigrants have been made to feel unwelcome by the current administration. "Coldplay is just the type of music the world needs right now and always," one commenter wrote on YouTube. "It always stays as a sweet reminder of goodness in this world even when all hope is gone."

Watch the full lyric video below:

(H/T: Rolling Stone)

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