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Hear Christina Grimmie's Empowering New Single, Released Posthumously By Her Family

Proceeds will go to charity.

It's been more than eight months since Christina Grimmie, a YouTube star and former Voice contestant, was shot and killed while signing autographs after an Orlando concert. Now her family is making sure Grimmie's talent lives on by releasing music she recorded before her death.

Last week marked the debut of a new single titled "Invisible," the first of several songs to be released by Republic Records. Grimmie's official Twitter account made the announcement, sharing that the 22-year-old, who was an independent artist, "dreamed of a major record label distributing her music."


"Invisible" includes empowering lyrics such as "I don't need your permission to go on existing / With or without you, boy," followed by the declaration, "I won't be diminished, eclipsed or hidden / You're gonna see my light blaze back to life / Like a phoenix rise."

Grimmie's family previously released The Ballad of Jessica Blue, a four-part series of music videos she filmed before her death. The singer had many other unreleased songs that her family wants to share with the public. Grimmie's brother Marcus told Elvis Duran on Thursday that she had between 50 and 60 songs with finished vocals.

"For the first three months, we didn't even do anything, and then around August, I would say, we were like, 'Hey, you know, we have so much music that she's been working on.' And close fans, friends and family have asked us about it constantly, and we owe it to her," he said of the decision.

The new music not only gives Grimmie's fans an opportunity to hear what she was working on, but proceeds will also go towards a foundation in her name. "She was super passionate about breast cancer awareness, animal safety, anti-bullying," Marcus Grimmie said. "There are so many things. So, we are just figuring out what's the best way to allocate the funds."

Listen to "Invisible" in the official lyric video below:

(H/T: Rolling Stone)

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