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Christina Aguilera And Demi Lovato Fight Back In The Dystopian 'Fall In Line' Video

They're breaking out.

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We already loved "Fall in Line," Christina Aguilera's new song with Demi Lovato, after watching the lyric video last week and seeing the pair perform together at the Billboard Music Awards. Now that the singers have released their empowering official music video for the track, we love it even more.


The video depicts a dystopian world reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale, in which Aguilera and Lovato are taken as children by men in uniforms. Years later, they're locked up and made to perform in front of cameras. Together, they fight back and escape to the world they were taken from.

The video is an empowering visual representation of the song's timely message to women, as the pair sings about showing strength and speaking your mind, insisting, "All the truth in a girl is too precious to be stolen from her."

As Aguilera explained on Twitter, the song "is as much about supporting each other as it is about self-empowerment," adding, "I wanted to convey that in this video by visually representing the imprisonment so many of us have felt, and the freedom we can achieve TOGETHER."

"Fall in Line" is the second official music video from Aguilera's Liberation album, out June 15. The first, for the song "Accelerate," was released earlier this month. 

Watch the full music video below:


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