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Celine Dion's New Song For 'Beauty And The Beast' Is Here, And It's Magical

She makes a moment last forever.

Celine Dion credits her recording of "Beauty and the Beast" for Disney's 1991 animated film with "giving me a career," so it's only right that she should sing something for the upcoming live-action remake. While Ariana Grande and John Legend have taken the reins for an updated version of the title track, Dion recorded a new original song written by Alan Menken and Tim Rice called "How Does a Moment Last Forever."

According to E! News, the song will play over the end credits and will also be sung in part by Emma Watson as Belle in the film. Dion's gorgeous voice, paired with the poignant lyrics, just might earn the track a place on your list of favorite Disney songs. At the very least, it's likely to bring a tear to your eye.

"Maybe some moments weren't so perfect / Maybe some memories not so sweet," Dion sings in one verse. "But we have to know some bad times / Or are lives are incomplete / Then when the shadows overtake us / Just when we feel all hope is gone / We'll hear our song and know once more / Our love lives on."

Some fans are already buzzing about the song's awards chances, with one YouTube commenter writing, "Congratulations! You are listening to the 2018 Academy Awards Best Original Song." 

The film's official soundtrack is available now.


Listen to "How Does a Moment Last Forever" below:

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