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Camila Cabello Gives Us A Cinematic Love Story About Latin Culture With 'Havana' Music Video

"This is dedicated to the Dreamers."

With a nearly seven-minute clip for "Havana," Camila Cabello has unleashed what might just be the best music video of 2017. In it, the Cuban-American singer gives us a handful of loveable characters, a taste of telenovelas and red-hot romance movies, and a sweeping look into the life of Latin culture.


"Havana" starts out with a very colorful and over-the-top telenovela (a Spanish-language soap opera), which is being watched by a nerdy and introverted version of Cabello with her grandmother while her sister goes out partying with friends. She eventually goes out to the cinema where she sees a film — featuring some fiery dancing and Young Thug — starring a movie star version of Cabello. The movie-going version of Cabello doesn't like the end of the film and, when expressing her dissatisfaction, the movie star version of Cabello says she should write her own story. What happens next? Well, you'll need to watch and find out.

Prior to the "Havana" release, the "Crying in the Club" singer teased it. One trailer for it dedicated it to "all nerds, hopeless romantics, drama queens, independent ladies and intense grandmas." At the end of the clip, though, we see the true dedication — one which can be taken in many ways: "This is dedicated to the Dreamers." This could either mean anyone who sees a brighter future for themselves, those who are undocumented immigrants living in America (whom Cabello has voiced support for) fighting for a chance at a better life, or — and this is probably the answer — both.

The message of the music video — the main one, at least — is that you are in charge of your own storyline and that you have to go out and create your own happy ending for yourself. Aside from that, the song (and music video, too) is a love story about Cabello's heritage as she sings that half of her heart is in Havana.

Another thing this accomplishes? It only makes us more excited for Cabello's first solo album, titled The Hurting The Healing The Loving, to finally come out.

Watch the "Havana" music video here:

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