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Braiden Sunshine, 15, Delivers Knockout Performance On 'The Voice'

An amazing new talent.

15-year-old Braiden Sunshine of Old Lyme, Connecticut set the bar pretty high on "The Voice" last week with his breathtaking performance of the 1964 standard "Feeling Good," as sung by Michael Bublé.

Under the coaching of pop superstars Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, Braiden won the 'Knockout' round, eliciting wows and a standing ovation from judges Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine as well as an electrified studio audience.

His stage presence was relaxed, evoking the casual poise of a young Tony Bennett, while his vocal stylings were redolent of Harry Connick Jr. coupled with the bombast of Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.


As soon as the first strains of his mature, rich voice broke through the darkness on stage, Braiden had the judges absolutely captivated.

The teenager is no stranger to the stage.

According to his Facebook bio, Braiden was voted "Most Promising Male Vocalist" in the 13-16 age range in North American Country Music Association International's"New Country" category last year. He also sings and plays guitar in not one, but three different bands: Silver Hammer, Madison Red, and Stone Creek.

According to The Hartford Courant, the young crooner didn't plan on trying out for "The Voice:" his audition was plotted by his mother, who told her son that she was taking him to a car show in New Jersey.

"I was like, 'Where are the cars, Mom? She said, 'This is an audition for The Voice,' " he told the Courant. "I'm glad she did it. I mean, look at where it got me." He made his way onto the show with a blind audition of "Mountains Win Again" by Blues Traveler, who later flew him and his family out to Las Vegas to perform with the band. 

His victory propels him to the Live Shows phase of the competition.

He reported his success with a humble touch of bittersweetness on his website:

"... while I am thrilled to have advanced, it's really sad for me to have had to do it at the expense of my amazing battle partner, Lyndsey Elm. You didn't see it on the show, but we spent weeks together practicing for this battle and helping each other be the best we could be! We sang it in each others rooms, with the staff and coaches, in the common rooms, everywhere! There was also A LOT of down time and we got to hang out and really get to know each other and she is so nice and so kind and so beautiful and sings so awesome and shes so much FUN! … she deserved to win as much as I did. When we practiced together, it was never to beat each other, it was always for one person to win and the other to get stolen, but by the time we went on there was no steals left and it was win or lose."

Watch his incredible performance here:

We're looking forward to hearing more from this talented young man. 

Please check out the rising star's Facebook page and Twitter ... and tell him that A Plus sent you. 


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