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Watch The Girl In This New Music Video Bust A Move And Challenge The Haters

Bomba Estéreo's "Soy Yo" is a lesson in confidence.

The girl in this empowering new music video could teach us all a thing or two about confidence — and dancing.


The clip is for Colombian band Bomba Estéreo's upbeat song "Soy Yo." The title means "It's Me" in Spanish, and that's exactly what the video's young star is saying in its three-minute run time, albeit without ever speaking a word.

She struts, she dribbles a basketball, and she dances. Most importantly, she doesn't worry about what anyone else thinks.

This young character, clad in overalls and big glasses, is played by a girl named Sarai who lives in New Jersey with her parents, who are from Costa Rica and Peru. This was her first acting gig, and according to the Huffington Post, her own dance moves provided inspiration for the video's climactic sidewalk standoff, along with Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The video opens with Sarai feeling pretty good about her new hairstyle.

She passes a couple of judgmental girls but doesn't let them get her down. Instead, she just rocks out on her recorder.

Later she runs into a group of break dancers and shows them a few new moves, much to their surprise.

We don't know about you, but we just found our new role model.

Bomba Estéreo's lead singer Li Saumet told Billboard, "The video concept was perfect for a song that touches on bullying and intolerance, issues that worry all of us. The way the story in the clip handles those issues is very different and it gives our song a whole new meaning."

The making of the video had its own positive message. In an effort to find new talent, the band opened up a contest for a chance to direct.

"There is so much talent out there that we don't notice sometimes because we're always working with the same people and the same team," Saumet told Billboard. "We like to change, renovate and evolve constantly. That's why we decided to open up this contest not only in Colombia, but around the world."

The winner was Danish director Torben Kjelstrup, whose "simple concept" impressed them. That concept, he told the Huffington Post, was inspired by a photo of his girlfriend in the '90s in which she wore braces and a tracksuit with confidence.

Go ahead and gain a little inspiration of your own by watching the video for "Soy Yo" below:


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