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Watch Beyoncé's New — And Unapologetically Epic — Music Video For 'Sorry'

We ain't sorry, either.

Two months after releasing "Lemonade," Beyoncé still ain't "Sorry."


And neither are her millions of fans waiting for the release of the track's stand-alone music video. Yesterday, the queen of pop bestowed such a gift on her loyal subjects.  

As in the original Lemonade film, the video begins with a Hamlet-esque soliliquy asking, "So, what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you've killed me?" Representing "apathy," Beyoncé's voiceover continues in a mock eulogy of her video's character.

Shot entirely in black and white, "Sorry" takes place in an old bus before taking over a classic Southern mansion. 

Besides starring the queen of pop, the video also features a group of fierce back-up dancers, including none other than the duchess of tennis herself — Serena Williams. 

In one iconic and highly GIF-able scene, Williams twerks while Beyonce lounges in a wooden throne. 

"Sorry" is the latest piece of Bey's platinum album to debut online, after "Formation" was released the day before Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance. 

When Beyoncé isn't dropping badass music videos, she's busy putting middle fingers up and waving "Boy, bye" all over the world on the Formation Tour

And we sure ain't sorry about that. Watch the full video below:


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