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This Guy Is Talented, But It's His Singing And His Story That Bring Katy Perry To Tears

"I’m just losing it."

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We're used to seeing people wow the judges on American Idol with their ability to sing, but one contestant in particular, David Francisco, left the judges — notably Katy Perry — feeling all kinds of emotions with both his talent and his story.


The 25-year-old opened up about moving to Nashville to pursue music in 2016 and how, just three weeks after doing so, was struck by a car while riding his bicycle, leaving him paralyzed below the waist. He thought life, including music and any potential relationships, was over — until he got a glimmer of hope, that is.

"And then I'm in bed one night and I see my foot move just a little," Francisco recalled. "Within the next two to three months, I had a lot of improvement and that continued for … until today, really. I don't take anything for granted now."

Another big thing Francisco experienced during this journey was reconnecting with an old friend, a woman named Christie, who wanted to encourage him to fight and not give up. Fast-forward to today, where Christie is his loving and supportive fiancée.

"He is the most joyous, the most energetic, the bright light of the room. Life is so much fun with him," Christie said in the segment. "I cry, but I also laugh. I think we're super blessed. I'm so happy to stand by his side."

Francisco goes on to audition for American Idol's 16th season with the iconic Stevie Wonder song "Isn't She Lovely," played acoustically with the assist of a guitar. It's not long into the performance, with Francisco clearly playing the tune for Christie, that the "Firework" singer begins to get emotional.

"First of all, I've lost my voice," Perry said. "But, like, I'm just watching her and how in love she is. I'm just losing it."

"You are an inspiration to us all," Lionel Richie added. "You know what it is? The blessing of life is your spirit. If you lose your spirit, you've lost everything. You are an inspiration, and I'm going to tell you something. I want you to be very proud of yourself."

As for fellow judge Luke Bryan, he doesn't say much and instead offers up a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Watch the video below to hear David Francisco’s story and emotion-filled performance:

(H/T: HuffPost)


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